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Session 3: Krista Hiddema

Gay Bradshaw January 4, 2020

Animal rights activist Krista Hiddema holds a Master’s degree in Work, Organization, and Leadership, with a thesis focused on the human costs of the North American pork industry. She is currently pursuing a doctorate on the need to utilize ecofeminist principles in matters of board governance within the Animals rights movement, with an emphasis on economic health, ecological heath, and social health. Krista has led more than dozen undercover investigations into factory farms and slaughterhouses across Canada, helped produce four investigatory news shows with W5, and has presented to the federal government on Animal transportation. She is the President of Happily Ever After Esther Farm Sanctuary, home of Esther the Wonder Pig and serves as a strategic advisor to Egg Truth, One Protest, and the Rancher Advocacy Program and as a reviewer for the Journal of Critical Animal Studies. Krista is also the Executive Director of For the Greater Good where she consults with Animal rights organizations across world on matters of governance and organizational development and intersectional justice.

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Recorded January 5, 2020.