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Elizabeth M. Burton-Crow, PhD · December 10, 2020


Abby Couture became an intern with The Kerulos Center in the summer of 2020. She is currently a student at McGill University in Montreal, Canada finishing an undergrad as a double major of Psychology and Sociology. For the past few years, she has been engaged in various vegan outreach and organizing activities on and off campus through the student-run club, “The Herbivore Society for Peace & Justice”. Abby is curious about animal-human relationships and particularly as it pertains to the self, identity, motivation and consumer behavior. This is where the majority of her research interests lie and she aims to integrate this area of study within applied social psychology into her post-graduate studies. 

Outside the realm of her academic ‘self’, Abby also enjoys down-time by sharing Frog memes, drinking matcha tea and watching John Hughes movies.


Welcome to The Kerulos Center for Nonviolence’s free Mini Course series. The goal of this series is to introduce learners to the foundational concepts that undergird trans-species theory and praxis.  Each class consists of an approximately 30-minute lecture followed by questions for reflection and additional resources for those who would like to delve deeper into each topic.

Our Mini Courses are designed for independent study, meaning that there are no deadlines or homework; rather there is a selection of engaging topics that can be enjoyed à la carte or consecutively, whenever is convenient for you.

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Elizabeth M. Burton-Crow, PhD

From an early age, Dr. Liz Burton-Crow has felt most at home when connecting across species. Her extended family includes Goats, Donkeys, Dogs, and Parrots to name a few. With a dual background in the fields of psychology and environmental studies, Liz’s work strives to expand the frontiers of ecopsychology by illuminating the often-unconscious forces underlying cross-species relationships. Now Director of Education, Liz first joined Kerulos as a Sacred Bones intern in 2012 while volunteering at a Macaw sanctuary in Costa Rica. This formative experience blossomed into a doctoral dissertation in depth psychology at Pacific Graduate Institute which explores the psychological dynamics between Poultry, Parrots, and People. You can email her directly at

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