Animal Being Internship

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The online classroom experience of the Animal Being Internship covers concepts and methods from neurosciences and psychology to explore how animals think, feel, and experience consciousness. Historically, ethology (also called animal behavior) has been used to study nonhuman animals with psychology being reserved for humans. However, the discovery of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in free-living elephants has brought all vertebrates including some invertebrates under a single conceptual umbrella, trans-species psychology.

We will use this new cross-species lens to explore animal cognition, emotions, and experience and associated philosophical underpinnings, points of debate, ethics, and future directions for the field. Illustrated with a diversity of species, including elephants, great apes, orcas, parrots, reptiles, fish, and farmed animals, the course draws from primary and secondary literature, presentations, and video lectures to explore animal sentience. Course material and discussion with instructor are intended to inform your practicum that follows course completion.

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Course Structure and Process

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Approach, Philosophy, and Goals

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Course Resources, Requirements, and Evaluation

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