Learning in Service to Animals

The Kerulos Learning Institute is the educational arm of the non-profit organization, The Kerulos Center. We believe that learning becomes meaningful only when linked to action. Our learning-in-service courses, internships, and mentoring combine online learning with practical hands-on work that directly supports animals and the organizations working to save them. As graduates of these courses, learners become part of a community of people changing their lives so that other animals can survive and thrive.


Engage as a learner in your own way. Our programs and courses are primarily socially-interactive online experiences supplemented by mentoring from our faculty. Choose between live webinars, recorded sessions, or one-on-one mentoring.


Course and programs at The Kerulos Learning Institute are always academically rigorous. But with the challenge of stretching your wings comes the thrill of insight and the perspective that well-earned knowledge brings.


You can choose to never be the same again. Learning empowers, knowledge liberates, and you may never go back.

New Courses

Overview Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world. ― John Muir Animals have remarkably similar needs to our own. They also wish to live in dignity and freedom, to live healthy, loving lives that respect their values and cultures. Few, however, receive these simple needs. Countless cats, cows, chickens, turtles, guinea […]

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3 Lessons
The Elephant Liberation Program hosts biweekly seminars that discuss issues and questions concerning Elephant well-being and self-determination from the perspective of psychology and traumatology. While speakers hail from diverse fields, they are all involved directly or indirectly in supporting all Elephants— captive-held and free living refugees—on their difficult road to recovery and self-governance. If you […]

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9 Lessons
Overview Although they share much with their human health counterparts, animal workers face different challenges because their charges, the animals, are governed by different laws, attitudes, and behaviors than those for humans. Animals are marginalized and, as a result, so are their supporters. Financial, social, psychological, emotional, legal, and practical factors severely undermine animal worker […]

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8 Lessons
Instructor: G.A. Bradshaw, PhD, PhD Dates: Available now: Self-paced lectures with live discussion. Prerequisites: None Tuition: TBA The online classroom experience of the Sky Minds covers concepts and topics from neurosciences, natural history, ethology, and psychology to explore how birds think, feel, and experience consciousness. The course is intended for individual bird advocates, carers, rescue, […]

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6 Lessons
Overview The online classroom experience of the Animal Being Internship covers concepts and methods from neurosciences and psychology to explore how animals think, feel, and experience consciousness. Historically, ethology (also called animal behavior) has been used to study nonhuman animals with psychology being reserved for humans. However, the discovery of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in […]

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8 Lessons